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606. West Ave | San Antonio Texas 78201 | (210) 732-5222
We are Temporarily Closed Due to a Massive Fire.

We Hope to Be Back in the Future. 

Thank You All So Much for All of the Outpouring of Love and Support!


Guacamole $5.90

#65 Nachos $7.29
Cheese and jalapeños.

#66 Special Nachos $7.89
With beans, cheese, and topped with our "special" tomato sauce and jalapeños.

#67 Super Nachos $10.39
With beans, cheese, jalapeños, and guacamole (beef or chicken).
Small $7.19

#68 Jacalitos $10.39
Our own creation of nachos with yellow and white cheeses, chicken, sour cream and guacamole

#14 Chicken Quesadilla $9.29
Two grilled flour tortillas filled with chicken and melted cheese served with rice, beans, guacamole and sour cream. 

#271 Queso Flameado (Flaming!) $8.19
Served with two home-made flour tortillas.

# 340 Fajita Nachos Grandes Grilled Beef or Chicken Fajita meat with Beans & Cheese served with Guacamole, Sour Cream & Jalapenos $12.19

#272 Chile Con Queso Dip $7.69
Bowl of chile con queso served with tostadas.
Small $5.69

Soup & Salads


#250 Caldo (Chicken Soup) $7.69
#251 Menudo $7.69
#252 Tortilla Soup $7.69


No half orders.

Guacamole $5.90

Sliced Avocado $ 5.59

Taco Salad $9.79
Beef or Chicken, lettuce, tomatoes,Chile con queso and Sour Cream in a fried tortilla shell.
(with Beef or Chicken Fajita add $1.79)



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Lunch Specials

Monday-Friday 11:00am-3:00p.m.


#801 Two & One - 2 Enchiladas and Beef Puffy Tacos
#802 Two Plus - 2 Cheese Enchiladas and Chile Con Queso
#803 Verdes - 2 Chicken Enchiladas in verdes sauce

#804 Mole - 2 Chicken Enchiladas in mole sauce

#805 Carne Guisada - Tender beef cooked in gravy

#806 Chicken Flautas - 2 chicken flautas with rice, beans, guacamole and sour cream

#807 Fajita Chalupa - with side of rice

#338 Enchilada and Beef Puffy Taco - Only $8.39
With rice, beans, and tea.

(Iced tea not included with "TO GO" orders)

Margarita & Drink Specials

Monday-Friday 11:00am-5:00pm

Frozen Margarita $2.99
Micheladas $4.95
Schooners $3.00
Mug of Beer $2.00



All served with salad and french fries or rice and beans

Grilled Cheese $5.49
Melted cheese between two pieces of buttered toast

#55 Chicken $7.29
Shredded white chicken with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and pickle on toasted bread.

#56 Hamburger $7.89
With mustard, lettuce, tomato and pickle.
Add Cheese $0.69

#58 Grilled Cheese $5.49



#16 Puffy Tacos (3) Beef or Chicken $7.29

#18 Guacamole Puffy Tacos (2) $7.59
With cheese add $0.59

All above tacos can be served crispy or soft rolled upon request.

#19 Chicken Flautas{3) $9.29
Served with guacamole, sour cream, rice and beans.

#20 Guisada Flour Tacos $2.99 each

#41 Guacamole Chalupas (2) $6.29

#38 Special Chicken Chalupa (1) $5.99
with guacamole & rice

#35 Chile con Queso Tostadas (2)

#21 Gorditas (1) $6.59 (2) $8.79
Topped with beans, white cheese, beef or chicken, lettuce and tomato.

#24 Fajita Tacos $9.19
Beef or chicken
with Guacamole $9.89

#48 Bean & Cheese Taco (1) $1.89

#344 Potato and Egg Tacos (3) $4.49

#346 Chorizo Tacos (3) $4.69




Mexican Classics

#1 Special Dinner $11.59
Two cheese enchiladas, rice and beans, chile con queso, one beef puffy taco, and guacamole salad.

#2 Chile Relleno Dinner $11.89
Poblano pepper stuffed with picadillo, topped with salsa ranchera, guacamole salad, rice, and beans. Spicy!

#3 Dinner Platter $10.99
One of our most popular plates! 3 cheese enchiladas, 2 beef puffy tacos, rice & beans

#4 Jacala Dinner $10.49
Your choice:
a) Three cheese enchiladas, one beef puffy taco, rice, and beans.
b) One cheese enchilada, one beef puffy taco, one chile con queso, rice, and beans.

#5 Regular Dinner $10.29
Three cheese enchiladas, one beef puffy taco, beans.

#6 Jacala Salad $8.19
A light meal with one beef puffy taco, one chile con queso, and a guacamole salad.

#7 Ladies' Special $9.79
Two cheese enchiladas, two beef puffy tacos.

#342 Fiesta Plate, two enchiladas,rice, and beans. $10.39

#9 Fajita Plate $12.59
Half pound beef or chicken fajitas, grilled onions, rice, beans, guacamole salad, pico de gallo, and three flour tortillas.

#10 Spicy Chicken Mole
(ask to taste our sauce) $11.29
Two large mixed pieces of chicken covered with our unique mole sauce, rice, and beans.

#11 Enchilada Plate $9.19
Two cheese enchilada, rice and beans

#12 Carne Guisada $10.49
Carne guisada, rice, beans, and three flour tortillas.

#317 Santa Fe Dinner $11.89
Three blue corn enchiladas made with Monterrey jack cheese and chicken, topped with our own authentic New Mexico chile sauce, and served with rice, beans, and guacamole. Spicy!

#342 Fiesta Plate $10.39
One guacamole chalupa, two cheese enchiladas, rice, and beans.

Monterey Chicken $10.99
Grilled chicken breast topped with fresh sliced avocado, melted Monterey Jack cheese, pico de gallo served with, rice and beans

Cilantro Lime Tilapia $10.99
Seared tilapia topped with cilantro-lime sauce, rice and beans, served with Texas toast

Tamales Plate $9.29
Three pork tamales topped with chili served with rice and beans

Fish Tacos (3) $10.99
Corn tortillas filled with tender tilapia drizzled with chipotle sauce and served with beans

#44 Huevos Rancheros $5.59
Two eggs with sauce, potatoes, beans and flour tortillas

chili relleno sm


(3 per order)

#26 Beef or Chicken $7.39
With chile. (rice and beans not included)

#27 Special Enchiladas $8.69
With special sauce and french fries. Spicy!

#28 Enchiladas Verdes $9.89
Chicken enchiladas topped with green sauce, white cheese, sour cream, rice, and beans.

#29 Enchiladas de Pollo en Mole $9.99
Chicken enchiladas topped with mole sauce with cheese, rice, and beans.

enchiladas sm

American Dinners

#62 Fried Chicken $8.89
2 pieces of hand battered and deep fried chicken

#63 Chicken Fried Steak $11.99
Served with cream gravy and Texas toast

# 901 Six Fried Jumbo Shrimp $16.79

All above served with salad & french fries or rice & beans.

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enchiladas sm

Children's Menu

#50 Cheese Enchilada or Puffy Taco $4.99
With rice and beans.

#52 One Fried Chicken Leg $4.99
With French fries and rice.


Tea & Soda  $2.29


Flan (Mexican Custard) $3.25
Tell us it's your birthday for a Birthday Flan!
Jacala's very own flan - Try it!